Do you have pre-mature failure in your home?

Have you ever wondered how long the components in your home are going to last? Either you’re trying to calculate your cost cycle, or understand if things are failing prematurely, it’s useful to have this knowledge under your belt. 

We have come up with a list of items and their normal life cycle under normal uses. Bear in mind that the life span of components may be reduced due to many factors like workmanship, climate, abuse and maintenance. 

How long do building materials typically last:

Asphalt roofing 20yrs

Wood roofing 50yrs

Concrete Roofing 100-150yrs


Exterior Paint 15yrs or less

Stucco 50-60yrs

Wood siding 50yrs


Aluminum Siding 20-40yrs


Aluminum Windows 20-30yrs

Fibreglass Windows 20-40yrs

Vinyl Windows 20-40yrs

Wood windows 30yrs+

Skylight 10-20yrs


Cedar Fence 20yrs

Chain link fence 25-30yrs

Vinyl Fence 35-40yrs

Aluminum Fence 100yrs


Asphalt Driveway 20yrs

Concrete Driveway 50yrs

Overhead Garage Door 10-15yrs

Wood Deck 15-20yrs

Composite Deck 25-30yrs


Kitchen Cabinet 50yrs

Microwave Oven 10yrs or less

Kitchen Faucet 15yrs

Kitchen Sink 5-10yrs

Refrigerator 13yrs

Range 13-15yrs

Washing Machine 10yrs

Dryer 13yrs

Garborator 12yrs

Dishwasher 9yrs


Bath tub 20-50yrs

Bathroom Faucets 20yrs

Shower Enclosure 50yrs

Toilet 100yrs


Carpet 8-10yrs

Wood flooring 50yrs

Stone Flooring 100yrs


Electric Switches 10yrs+

Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detector 5-10yrs

Furnace 15-18yrs

Heat Pump 15yrs

Air-Conditioning Unit 10-15yrs

Electric Baseboard Heater 20yrs

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